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Stella Park (Finance - Equity Research)

Finance Peer Mentor
Stella Park  (Finance - Equity Research) I'm originally from Orange County, CA. I am a senior concentrating in Finance & Econ, with a minor in Creative Writing. I'm involved in BAP, Street Team, and the Judiciary Committee. ASK ME ABOUT: my summer internship at Morgan Stanley (Equity Research), my love for Broadway and comedy shows and living in the East Village—so close to UCB!

Arielle Golden (Finance - Corporate Finance)

Finance Peer Mentor
Arielle Golden  (Finance - Corporate Finance) I’m Arielle, a senior who is pursuing concentration in finance and marketing. ASK ME ABOUT: working in both the fashion and beauty industries for two global brands (Michael Kors and L’Oreal); being a member of USWIB; writing for two online lifestyle publications (HerCampus and Society 19); and taking really cool college electives (from Photography to Classical Mythology)!

Jacob Hamilton (Finance - Investment Banking)

Finance Peer Mentor
Jacob Hamilton (Finance - Investment Banking) My name is Jacob Hamilton. I am from Los Angeles, California and I study Business and Political Economy. Feel free to ask me about: Study abroad - I have studied abroad on 4 continents! ; Investment Banking - I had the opportunity to do both a sophomore and junior summer internship at Goldman Sachs ; Karate - Over the past 12 years I have practiced karate; My weakness - carrot cake! ; My love of travel - ask me about the next place on my travel list!

Victoria Rusinak (Finance - Investment Banking)

Finance Peer Mentor
Victoria Rusinak (Finance - Investment Banking) Hi, I’m Victoria – a senior studying Finance! ASK ME ABOUT: working in Investment Banking and Venture Capital at Morgan Stanley; double concentrating in Finance & Accounting (BS/MS Program); The Stern Honors Program; the best live music venues around the world!

Natasha Rajiv (Consulting)

Consulting Peer Mentor
Natasha Rajiv  (Consulting) I’m a senior studying Data Science and Management, and minoring in Digital Art & Design, and I’m interested in technology, strategy, and design! My experiences include interning at a tech startup and IBM, and I am currently interning at PwC. ASK ME ABOUT: anything consulting-related, deciding on a career path, transferring to Stern, networking, classes, joining clubs at Stern, and generally navigating your time at Stern and at NYU!

Hector Galvan (Consulting)

Consulting Peer Mentor
Hector Galvan (Consulting) Hi, I’m Hector—a senior studying Consulting! ASK ME ABOUT: “what IS consulting?”; a concentration in management; working with EY (Risk Advisory); basketball and baseball; getting involved at NYU; Stern IBEX and Study Abroad; NYU Opportunity Programs!

Jason Lu (Consulting)

Consulting Peer Mentor
Jason Lu (Consulting) I’m a senior studying Finance and Marketing, and I’m interested in strategy and branding. My experiences include working in asset management, nonprofit consulting, and branding, and I am currently interning at PwC. At NYU, I’m in BAP and involved with Habitat for Humanity. ASK ME ABOUT: recruiting for multiple industries, deciding on a career path, anything branding-related, navigating your time at Stern and NYU, and why LeBron James is the GOAT.

Chris Mendoza (Tech)

Tech Peer Mentor
Chris Mendoza  (Tech) I am currently working at Google in Mountain View, CA as a Bold Intern on the Google Marketing Solutions Sales team. I am concentrating in Finance and Computing & Data Science with a joint minor in Computer Science and Mathematics. I LOVE music and am very passionate about it (favorite artists include Drake, Kanye, Childish Gambino, Kendrick, Frank Ocean, Chance the Rapper, Jaden Smith). Peruvian food is the GOAT, but I’m down to explore new restaurants/coffee shops in NYC.

Rujuta Kortikar (Tech)

Tech Peer Mentor
Rujuta Kortikar (Tech) Hi, I’m Rujuta—a senior in Tech! ASK ME ABOUT: recruiting in tech; my summer internship in Data Analytics (Facebook); getting started with Data Science; working during the semester; credit overloading; or even figuring out a new Netflix show to watch!

Daniel Kim (FinTech)

FinTech Peer Mentor
Daniel Kim (FinTech) Hello, my name is Daniel! I was born in Seoul and raised in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. My professional interest lies in utilizing tech to make finance more accessible for all. In my free time, I love to cook ethnic cuisines and try anything different, really. ASK ME ABOUT: my technology analyst internship experience at JPMC, finding prep resources for software engineering interviews, returning to school from a military leave of absence, and more!

Sweta Gangopadhyay (Marketing)

Marketing Peer Mentor
Sweta Gangopadhyay (Marketing) I’m Sweta, a senior in Marketing! ASK ME ABOUT: transferring into Stern; useful classes and fun electives in and out of the marketing department; how the marketing industry works—types of careers, and how marketing doesn’t have to mean a future as a Mad (Wo)Man; clubs, activities and events on campus; and my favorite things to do in the city: grabbing a Levain cookie on the way to a NY Phil concert or walking down the Hudson River Pier!

Simon Illisevich (Political Economy)

Political Econ Peer Mentor
Simon Illisevich (Political Economy) I’m a junior in the Business and Political Economy program with a minor in Math. ASK ME ABOUT: my sophomore year in London and my junior fall in Abu Dhabi ; exploring different career paths ; my internship experiences, which range from marketing at a Spanish news network to foreign policy research to investment banking at Baird ; my passion for international and macroeconomics ; my love for cooking, tennis, skiing, and photography!

Brianna Alexander (Entertainment)

Entertainment Peer Mentor
Brianna Alexander (Entertainment) Hi, I'm a senior pursuing a Business Entertainment Media & Technology (BEMT) Minor. ASK ME ABOUT: Juggling an internship, work, and school; Pursuing a career in TV/Cable (my time at NBC & Turner); The world of casting and booking talent; Pursuing a double concentration and minor.

Adnan Ammache (Entrepreneurship)

Entrepreneurship Peer Mentor
Adnan Ammache (Entrepreneurship) Adnan is the Director of Sponsorship of the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival, Lebanese Club founder, & NYU APP Contest finalist. Adnan raised $200K in corp. sponsorship from LG, Samsung, and Société General to create a space in downtown Beirut for the 2016 Euro Cup Games. ASK ME ABOUT: working as an intern at TerraCycle (executive), MetaProp (venture capital), and Venture for America (launch), the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Berkeley Innovation Labs & Leslie E Lab, & my hummus!

Paula Villafane (Actuarial Science)

Actuarial Science Peer Mentor
Paula Villafane (Actuarial Science) I currently work at Willis Towers Watson as a Health & Benefits actuarial intern in New York, NY. ASK ME ABOUT: MY FAVORITE CLASS AT STERN, “Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis,” and the unconventional projects I created: strongest effects on a state’s happiness, divorce rates, and odds of being one of the richest people in the world; STUDYING ABROAD my sophomore year in Spain; MY LOVE FOR DANCE and the NYU Dance Team; MY COLOURPOP OBSESSION!

Jorge Castro (Sustainability)

Sustainability Peer Mentor
Jorge Castro (Sustainability) I’m a senior concentrating in Management & Sustainable Business and I’m also a member of the NYU Reynolds network. I’m originally from Bogota, Colombia but grew up in Miami. ASK ME ABOUT: my work with Safra National Bank and Don Eusebio (a flower corporation in Columbia); the basics of sustainability; why I am passionate about sustainability; how you can use sustainability in any job/internship; my favorite sports and video games!

Aurelien Bouee (Accounting)

Accounting Peer Mentor
Aurelien Bouee (Accounting) Hi, I’m Aurelien – a senior studying Accounting and Finance! ASK ME ABOUT: my summer internship at KPMG; my coursework and the BPE Program; Audit, Consulting, and Private Equity; The IBEX Program and Study Away; Greek Life and Sports Teams at NYU; Being an International Student at NYU!

Chase Lin (Exploration)

Exploration Peer Mentor
Chase Lin (Exploration) I'm a senior in the BS/MS program (concentrations in accounting & marketing). Freshman year I undertook two marketing roles and sophomore year I worked at Wells Fargo doing Wealth & Investment Management. This summer I’m interning with JP Morgan (Global Finance). ASK ME ABOUT: transferring into Stern; “chasing” after good restaurants; exploring various business fields; scholarship applications; recruiting, interview, resume & cover letter strategies; and contemplating how to make more name puns!

Jose Palacios (Continuing Education)

Continuing Education Peer Mentor
Jose Palacios (Continuing Education) Hi, I’m Jose—a senior concentrating in Accounting and minoring in Chemistry. ASK ME ABOUT: applying to graduate or professional schools after college (I’m on the Pre-Health Track and plan to apply to medical schools in 2019); interning for two summers at EY (Employment Tax Advising Group); studying abroad through IBEX at Maastricht University in the Netherlands; growing up in NYC (Queens/SoHo); working as a New York State Certified EMT-B and doing clinical research at Cooper School of Medicine!

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